Monday, August 5, 2013

What do you eat?

I took this from one of my favorite blogs, Kelly's Korner.  I am nosy and like to know what others eat during the day :)

1.  What do you eat for your normal breakfast?

2. What do you eat for your normal lunch?

3. When you are on a road trip and stop at a gas station..................what's your go to snack? And come on - we all do it, right?

And be honest.   Don't fear judgement!

1.  Every day I eat a protein bar.   I love it and really do look forward to it every morning!  The only exception to this is the rare occasion that we have company & Jason cooks breakfast, or if I can convince Jason to go out.  I love breakfast out but Jason isn't a huge fan.  The other exception is today - my Dad dropped off these delicious cinnamon rolls for my birthday.  Thanks, Dad!  I think I'll be eating them for days!
Breakfast the size of my head! 
2.  I usually eat out at least once a week for lunch - I just hate thinking of lunch ideas.  There are very few things I like to eat leftover, but usually do bring leftovers once a week.  Otherwise I bring a turkey sandwich or PB&J.

3. If we stop somewhere in the morning I have to get a donut - love donuts!  If it's in the afternoon I like to get something salty like Chex Mix or Combos, plus something sweet - my favorite thing is a cherry Tangy Taffy.  Yum!

So what do you eat?

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